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At any given time, we maintain our creative energy through active engagement in a wide array of design challenges. Below is a sampling of some of our current endeavors.
Sacred Space
The University of Pennsylvania recently commissioned Moto to design a nomadic sacred space for the student body to use for gatherings related to social impact and peaceful protest.
The Grayson School
Located in the Delaware Valley, the Grayson School is an independent school for gifted learners. The early success of their program initiated the need to expand, and as a result, they have engaged Moto to develop a masterplan for a permanent home for the School.
Locust Street Hotel
Originally built in 1851 as a residence for a prominent Philadelphia doctor, the building is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since its beginning, the historic rowhome has served many functions, including the headquarters of the New Century Guild, an organization devoted to meeting the needs of women in the labor force. Moto is currently reviving the building for another generation of use as a boutique hotel with twelve individual suites.
Catharine Street
A speculative development on Catherine Street, in the thriving Graduate Hospital section of Philadelphia, takes advantage of a double lot to expand the footprint of urban living. Currently under construction, the façade takes initial cues from the contextual brickwork of the neighborhood and then pushes the boundaries to create a screen wall for shade and privacy.
Murano Pied-à-terre
On the 20th floor of the Murano in Center City, Philadelphia, this 1400 square foot unit provides a pied-a-terre for a young couple. Moto is developing all interiors, including the sourcing of materials, finishes, and furniture.