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Rooted in Old City, Philadelphia, Moto is a progressive Architecture & Interior Design studio challenging the boundaries of contemporary practice with an artistic approach to shaping the built environment. Beginning with a fundamental interest in the culture and context of every project, a rich understanding of construction methodologies, and powerful skills in visualization, Moto creates work that is meaningful, well-crafted, and timeless.
“The ambition of their projects push materials to do more than typical.”

-AIA Philadelphia Awards Jury 2018
Over the past 15 years, we’ve been fortunate to receive numerous accolades for our contributions to the built environment. Our talents have been recognized by industry partners, national organizations, and peer reviewed publications. This recognition is a testament to our passion for sensible and artful solutions to design challenges. It reflects a process that is strategic and precise, along with a methodology that is thoughtful and thorough. The results speak for themselves.
Moto principals harness the power of their collective and diverse expertise to develop the full potential of each project. Drawing from their conceptual, technical, and professional talents, they represent a successful history of immersing themselves in the functional needs of their clients, while understanding the broader design goals of an institution, to deliver thoughtful, well-crafted spaces.
Roman Torres
Director of Design, Co-Founder.
As the Creative Director of the firm, Roman leads the ideation and abstraction process in the conceptual and formative stages of select projects. Though founded in a research-based design approach, he brings a artistry, character and human-centered nuance to Moto's body of work. While his formal training and focus is in Architecture, Roman continues to build on a wide-ranging portfolio of award-winning work in cross-disciplinary pursuits including design visualization and animation, interactive and motion design, product design, and photography. His range of design thinking and creative problem solving brings a constant exploration of new technologies and methodologies to express design form. Roman’s multi-disciplinary approach to the creative process has been recognized with numerous awards and patents. He holds an MArch from The University of Pennsylvania.
Adam Montalbano
AIA, Managing Director, Co-Founder.
As Managing Partner, Adam oversees the operations of the studio and leads our residential, historic, and interior design projects. His approach to material composition and coordination is responsible for Moto's unique pallet, balancing the opportunities of modern design with the well-known benefits of classically rooted design fundamentals. Adam guides our internal real estate development efforts, leading investors through the building process to deliver successful multi-family projects. Adam’s business acumen, staff mentorship, community service, and focus on professional practice led him to receive the prestigious 2017 Young Architect Award from the Philadelphia AIA. This award is given to those who exhibit exceptional achievement and future promise. He holds an MArch from The University of Pennsylvania.
Eric Oskey, AIA
Technical Director.
As Technical Partner, Eric brings into being Moto’s creative vision through the sophisticated application of assemblies, material science, building systems, and construction knowledge. Joining the firm in 2012, his substantial previous experience, which includes working at the Pritzker Prize winning office of Venturi Scott Brown, allows him to efficiently lead our large-scale and institutional projects, while navigating their intricate dynamics.

Eric’s studied approach to design is driven by an enthusiastic engagement of the making process and the descriptive tools used to reveal solutions. These studies enhance and expand the firm’s design vision with a sophistication that has fundamentally changed the scale and level at which Moto’s work can be expressed. His understanding and use of digital production tools, creates a beneficial reciprocation between digital technology and building technique. Eric maintains his connection to academics as an Associate Professor of Practice in the Architecture Department at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University. In 2018 he was recognized as a Philadelphia Minority Business Leader by the Philadelphia Business Journal. Eric holds an MArch from Cornell University.
Our Story
The founding partners took a somewhat unorthodox approach in their startup days. It’s a story that begins at the University of Pennsylvania with two graduate students wanting to take a more hands on approach to their education. The story defines our ethos as a practice and is a window into the foundational days of the firm. Take a look!
Our client’s range in budget, scale, and project type. What they have in common is a true appreciation for the value of thoughtful design. They drive us forward with intelligent and prescient feedback, and place their trust in our process. Over the years, we have been honored to serve home owners, academic and cultural institutions, charitable and religious organizations, retail and hospitality brands, entrepreneurial and corporate needs, historic and preservation groups, public education and governmental interests, and an array of real estate developers. Big or small, if you have a design challenge that requires an impactful solution, we’d like to discuss it with you.
Special Services
Energized by the challenges of project constraints, be it existing conditions, program, or budget, these elements become the catalyst to shape our design approach. Not limited to the typical roles of architectural design, Moto engages with clients to bridge the gap between physical space and human interaction. From material innovation to experiential qualities, we tackle the rigorous job of translating sophisticated concepts to everyday applications. Take a look at a few examples of our range here.
Diversity, Causes & Culture
We’re committed to diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. The multicultural background of our principals and staff are a testament to our support of improving interactions across backgrounds, countries, and cultures. Here at Moto, our diversity of thought and experience amplifies our creative process and fosters a unique collaboration between our team and our clients. As a matter of workplace culture, our team is defined by individuals with curiosity at their core. We encourage explorations outside our own professional landscape and foster a workplace where design challenges are valued no matter the medium. We are dutiful in our responsibility to mentor a new generation and provide a space to fulfill their potential as creators and technicians alike.